Facebook Coupon Ads Guide for Beginners

Facebook is the most assured platform for advertising opportunities. Facebook ads were created as a way to facilitate the goal of reaching more potential customers in a short space of time. Although there are chances of getting organic reach, it is highly limited and slow.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has invested so much in development to make it possible to reach a large number of potential customers for businesses on its platform. There are various effective options for marketers and business owners to advertise their products and services to just the right audience.

Facebook Ads Setup

Facebook ads cost money, but it is a cheaper option compared to the tradition advertisement options. So let’s get started on how to set up your first Facebook Ad.

Facebook adverts are created and monitored on the Facebook ads Manager. So we will start by visiting the Facebook ad manager.

Choose your objective For your Facebook ad

Facebook always aims to make its advertising impactful. start by choosing a marketing objective.

There are three main types of objectives.

  • Awareness: To attract interest in your content or your product.
  • Consideration: To trigger the audience interested to search for your business
  • Conversion: Convert audience to customers of your product or service

Their subcategories include:


  • Brand awareness
  • Reach


  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages


  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store visits

The Facebook ads option depends on your personal objective and the stage of your business. If it is a new business focus in creating awareness and reach ad. Focus on conversion ads, if you want to attract potential local customers.

Select your audience For You Facebook ad

This is an important step because it is where you streamline Facebook ads to target a specific set of people based on demography and data. It is the most useful aspect of Facebook ads because you can focus on:

  • Core audiences: Manual Selecting audiences based on set criteria
  • Custom audiences: You can upload contact lists to discover an existing audience.
  • Lookalike audiences: find people similar to an existing target audience
  1. The core audiences enable you to find audiences based on demographics,  interests, locations, and even behaviors. By targetting customers based on criteria, it gives a better chance of conversion and ads performance.
  2. Custom audiences involve uploading contact lists of existing customers, or even old for the purpose of re-engagement. This can create a closer relationship with customers.
  3. Create lookalike audiences involves advertising to people with similar demography, interest, and behavior of existing customers.

Decide where you want to run the Facebook ad

Another benefit of Facebook is that it can be shared on other Facebook-owned platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, and within other mobile apps and also other Facebook Audience Network.

However, Advert placement choice should be dependent on the product and the behavior of your customers.

Facebook Ads Cost: Set your budget

The cost can either dependent on the overall amount spent or the cost per result of the ads.

The success and the cost of your ad depend on the ad auctions and how your ad performs towards your target audience and their interests. Set auction bids to automatic, if you are unsure how it works.

If you are wondering how to make sure you’re not exceeding your budget, then you can set some limitations for your campaign. You can also enter either a daily or a lifetime budget to define when your campaign should stop.

Pick a format

What makes Facebook Ads particularly effective is because you can pick the right format for every campaign. The variety of ad formats on offer can allow you to tailor your campaign to different objectives and target audiences.

The options include:

  • Photo: Use the power of images to tell your story
  • Video: Find engagement with the right use of image, sound, and motion
  • Carousel: Add more than one image or video in one ad
  • Slideshow: Create a series of lightweight video ads. This is a quick and affordable way to create video-like ads
  • Collection: Showcase your products by telling a story in an easy and immersive way
  • Canvas: a full-screen, fast-loading experience that is designed for mobile is most effective.
  • Lead ads: Use this format to make lead generation easier
  • Dynamic ads: Find the ideal target audience for your products in a sophisticated, automated way
  • Link ads: Bring more people to your website

Place your order

Simply put, this is the step in which you can review your ad and confirm that it’s ready to be submitted.

Measure your ad’s performance

You can analyze the performance of your ad by clicking on all your available ads. Once you find the specific one that you want to measure, you click on ‘view charts’ to get further details.

This is where you can learn more about the ad’s performance, whether it met your objectives, but also the demographics that it reached and its placement.

Facebook Coupon Ads

The Facebook coupon makes it easy to cash out an Ads. When Facebook gives you a free coupon, you can consume the coupon by selecting it as a means of payment while clearing your Facebook Ads or Instagram Bills, it actually depends on the type of coupon you were given. Kindly note you cant request for Coupon on Facebook. There are Two ways to get Facebook Ads coupons for free which are.

  • By facebookmail.com or periodic in-product promotions and
  • Through partnerships, Facebook has with other sites or companies


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